What is an Ambassador?

An ambassador is a person willing to contribute to the students, the prospects and the staff’s sociocultural knowledge, through the exchange and interaction of experiences. The job of an ambassador will be an exciting one thanks to the varied tasks s/he will be assigned. Among these tasks, s/he will interact with the admissions team and the future students, and will develop cultural activities where the speaking skills of our students will be on the spot.

ASW has ambassadors from all around the world, from countries like: Estados Unidos, Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica, Nigeria, Japón, Ghana, Rusia, Sudáfrica, Brasil, Canadá, Francia, Togo, Tunisia, Irán ,Inglaterra, Botswana, Hungría, Alemania Tunisia, and more!


Send your CV

An interview will be scheduled to get to know you and your profile

You will be invited to an online training to introduce you to the ASW world

After being evaluated you will continue with all the documentation to be part of this experience in Colombia

Work with us


Chau Nguyen
Jervan Rampersad
John Layne
Marcell Szucs
Nadeem Awan
Rayando Blake
Robina Boota
Tamara Sandor
Trayvon Williams
Yuki Matsuoka
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